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Safety Tips For Dog Owners

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Safety Tips For Dog Owners?

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Dogs   are social animals. It is for that reason that they bond so well with their owners. Most of them are also happy to engage with   othe.... Baca selengkapnya di

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Dogs are social animals. It is for that reason that they bond so well with their owners. Most of them are also happy to engage with other humans, be it for play or a scratch behind the ears.

It's a sad fact that dogs have received some negative press in the past few years. Newspapers have featured articles about adults and children being harmed, which has caused a certain amount of mistrust amongst the population. The reliability of dogs as family pets has been questioned, especially if a family includes a young and vulnerable child. People wonder how we can know if a seemingly friendly dog will, at one point, snap.

The truth is that we can't know. We cannot read the mind of a dog. We can read their body language, but we don't know the thought processes involved. This does not mean that dogs are unsuitable to live with humans. Dogs and humans have been friends for many generations, and on the whole, this strange but beautiful relationship works.

Despite the media attention dogs have received, the vast majority of them will never harm a human. It's a rare occurrence, which is devastating when it happens, but it doesn't mean every dog is an accident waiting to happen. Most dogs are friendly, gentle animals who will go out of their way to please their family.
Dogs are social animals. It is for that reason that they bond so well with their owners.
Dog a bond so well with their owners. (Image via Flickr)

This doesn't mean that it isn't wise to take precautions. Above anything else, I would advise any dog owner to make certain the dog is well-trained and knows his place in the family pack. Not only does this help the family - bad behavior from a dog is never pleasant - it also brings happiness to the dog, because they like to know exactly where they fit in. If you aren't certain how to train your dog, there are many excellent training courses available. They'll help you bond and they're usually quite good fun as well.

It's natural to worry about the presence of dogs around children. If you have a young child and are thinking of adopting a dog, I recommend the adoption of a puppy. That way they'll grow up together, they'll be playmates and a wonderful bond can develop which tends to be beneficial for both.

Most older dogs are gentle with children. There's no reason to get rid of a dog if you have a child on the way. Dogs seem to recognize that a baby is vulnerable and that they'll need to be careful. It is, of course, important to make the introduction slow and cautious, and it is important to keep strict supervision.

With toddlers and slightly older children, it is important to teach them to be careful with the dog. Kids can be overenthusiastic and sometimes they don't know their own strength. Many dogs are patient with children and appear to understand boisterous behavior, but again, supervision is highly recommended.

When walking your dog, some people may want to approach him. Again, most dogs will be gentle and welcoming, but not everyone will know how to approach a dog and he may end up startled. Besides, even the best-natured dog may have an off day and might not enjoy being petted by a stranger. I recommend gently discouraging people from petting straight away - it is best to assess how your dog is responding to the other person.

Children especially like petting and making friends with animals. Sadly, it is better to discourage them from doing so, however gentle and friendly your dog may be. The reason is that whilst your dog wouldn't harm a child, the next dog they approach might not be so kind.

This doesn't mean that we should make children fear dogs, but it's wise to explain to them that not every dog likes being petted by strangers and that some of them may be scared.

All these measures are simple, but they can help. Whilst dogs and humans are close, the differences between our species must be respected. Not every unpleasant incident can be avoided, but some can, with just a few precautions.

Hopefully, with a bit of care, dogs will remain man's best friend.

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