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Most Popular Shopping Tours Indonesia (Bandung)

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Most Popular Shopping Tours Indonesia (Bandung)?

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For Fans Shopping Tourism, Visit Indonesia Shopping Tour Bandung. Bandung which is a flower city and gets the nickname Paris Van Java is a c.... Baca selengkapnya di

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For Fans Shopping Tourism, Visit Indonesia Shopping Tour Bandung. Bandung which is a flower city and gets the nickname Paris Van Java is a city in Indonesia that we should not miss to visit. There is a lot of Bandung beauty that is very dear if not enjoyed.

Not only rich in nature tourism alone, but Bandung also saves other attraction of shopping tour. For this fashion city, shopping tour is very important to be presented in order to introduce typical products of Bandung to the world that is so stunning and gives a special impression.

Are you one of the shopping tour enthusiasts?

If so, do not forget to visit Bandung because in the city of Bandung is a lot of shopping tours that we can visit. So, what shopping tours should we visit in Bandung? Here is the information!

Shopping Zone Indonesia Bandung Most Popular

Anyway, shopping tours in this fashion city should not be missed. We will find branded and special items in Bandung.

For you fans of Indonesian shopping, this is a shopping tour in Bandung that you must visit. The first is....


This area is a row of shops that sell a variety of goods - goods at low prices. In the area of Cihampelas era of 90 to 2000, the shopping area is dominated by sellers who sell a variety of jeans, but recently began to wane and changed to sell a variety of fashion equipment ranging from bags, shoes to clothes and pants.

There is also a very busy mall visited especially by young people every time that is Ciwalk. You also need to come and visit there.


Dan wisata belanja Bandung Indonesia kedua yang patut dikunjungi adalah Dago.
In Dago area is a lot of shops, malls, and cafes that we can visit. In addition to a culinary tour there, you can also find a variety of special items ranging from bags, shoes, to a variety of accessories and fashion equipment in the malls - malls located in Dago.

About the price, you do not have to worry. Distro - distro and malls - malls in Dago often give discounts to visitors. It is strongly recommended that you buy when the discount is available.

Lembang Markets

In addition to Dago, there is one more shopping tour of Indonesia that gives Bandung cheap price that is Lembang Market.
You tour around Kawah Putih Ciwidey Lembang Bandung? Do not forget to visit Lembang Market. There are many different kinds of goods that are sold at low prices. Do not miss.

And that's some of the most popular Indonesia Shopping (Bandung) that we should visit in Bandung. Hopefully, the information we offer this time becomes useful information. Enjoy your tour and shopping tour in Bandung.