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Traffic Travis best SEO software desktop-based tool

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Traffic Travis best SEO software desktop-based tool?

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When you own a website, it is an advantage to have a good search engine optimization software. A good SEO strategy will improve your website.... Baca selengkapnya di

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When you own a website, it is an advantage to have a good search engine optimization software. A good SEO strategy will improve your website ranking. For that, I would recommend Traffic Travis.

Traffic Travis offers a complete SEO analysis for your blog or website, assisting you to find the problems and to fix them. This software will allow you optimize your SEO strategy and beat the competition to reach higher rankings in search engines results.

Traffic Traves
Name: Traffic Travis.
Type: Search engine optimization software
Price: Free version for 0$, Pro version for 97$/year
Owner: Affilorama Group
Features: Keyword Tracking Tool, Backlink Checker For your pages, Keyword Ranking Checker for different search engines from different locations. Competition Analyser, Warnings about SEO mistakes, Page Rank Checker, Keyword and Domain names research, Adsense Finder,

Pros vs. Cons:
- The price of the premium version is relatively cheap for the offered features
- The free version can be a great addition to your SEO tools collection
- A great bunch of features in one single software
- A user-friendly interface
- An introduction video will pop up to explain how everything works
- Supports multi-projects for different websites in the same time.

- A video will show up every time you click on a tab
- No other more cons to mention

Getting Started
To use this search engine optimization software you have to register. Enter you name and your Email address and an activation code will be sent to you Email then go to the Download Page and download the software, use the received code to activate your free account. You can now use your software for free.

=> Start a New Project
First of all, you have to start a new project. You can do this for as many websites as you like with Traffic Travis Pro but only two (Generally enough) with the free version.

Enter your project name, the address of your website and your sitemap address if you have one. You can also add the keywords you are targeting or leave it to do later.The ability to select the targeted search engines is an amazing feature in Traffic Travis. You can choose between Google Bing Yahoo and Youtube in different geographic locations.

=> Your Dashboard
You find here an overview of your website health and most important information:
- Domain authority
- Alexa Traffic Rank
- Page Warnings
- Your rankings in search engines
- Your backlinks
It’s in your other tabs that you will find the SEO tools.

=> My Site Section
Just after clicking on this section tab, a video will appear to show you the way it works. In fact, an explanatory video will pop up whenever you click on a new section.

This section is all about your single pages management, to add them you can use your sitemap or you have the possibility to do it manually. In My Site section, you find relevant information about your posts and pages:
- Page Authority
- The Number of Backlinks
- Number of Page Warnings
- Keywords of Every page (You select them)
- SEO Warnings in relation with the selected keywords
- In The bottom of the page, you can update your data and export it as PDF or HTML file.

=> Research Section
Here you perform keyword and domain research. You can search up to 2000 keywords and get a lot of information for each one of them:
- Global Count (Monthly Searches)
- US Count (Monthly Searches)
- Competition for PPC
- Average PPC
- Local and Global Keyword Effectiveness Index

For the domain research nothing new to mention, maybe the possibility to select your top level domain.

=> SEO Section
This my favorite Traffic Travis feature, you can analyze your rankings for the selected keywords in addition to a detailed data about your competition for a given keyword. The “difficulty to rank” column and the backlinks information are your best allies to beat the competition and to reach good rankings fast.

=> Link Analysis
A new feature in Traffic Travis and a great one if well exploited. Here you can optimize your backlinks strategy and understand your competition way to get them and to rank well. I suggest tracking the backlinks of the authority websites and build links where they did whenever it is possible, a proven way to get better rankings fast.

PPCA section dedicated to Pay Per Click where you can perform research about Adsense and Adwords competition

Traffic Travis is the best SEO software and a useful desktop-based tool, very helpful with a complete in-depth market analysis. The price of the paid version is tempting and for 0 bucks you get a valuable free edition.