How To Use One Account WhatsApp in Two Smartphones

One account WhatsApp actually be used on the two smartphones. It can be done with a little trick, through WhatsApp features Web.

First the user must ensure that using the latest version of WhatsApp. After that, prepare two smartphones, which only run the WhatsApp and another run a browser application such as Google Chrome or Opera.

On smartphones running the browser application, open Chrome and click the menu and select Request Desktop Site. While the opera browser replace the User Agent of the mobile to the desktop.

Once completed open http://web.whatsapp.com page. Then wait a few moments until the QR code on the screen smartphone.

Well, use them to unlock the smartphone features of the site WhatsApp from WhatsApp application. After the scan the QR code on a smartphone only.

Okezone monitoring, this feature is actually similar to WhatsApp Web features that are used on a desktop computer. Only with a few tricks, you can use it as well on a smartphone device.


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