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How to Find Lost Phones

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How to Find Lost Phones?

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Some of you most likely have experienced the phone is lost. One way to find it is by doing the tracking. With trace, chances are you’ll know.... Baca selengkapnya di

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Some of you most likely have experienced the phone is lost. One way to find it is by doing the tracking. With trace, chances are you’ll know where the phone is located.

Keep in mind, to find a missing phone through tracking or how to trace not merely apply to newest mobile phone, but it also applies to older phones like the Motorola RAZR first generation. Here are tips on finding a missing phone by way of trace.

Mobile Before Lost track
Before missing, it could not hurt to anticipate it. If you have a smartphone, you can use the application. There are several application options available for your smart phone device, the Find My iPhone, Android Device Manager, and Samsung Find My Mobile.

As for non-smartphone devices, it is recommended to use a GPS tracking service. There are several GPS tracking services out there, one of which AccuTracking.

Mobile track Once Lost
If you do not have time to install or use an application that should be done before you lose your phone, there are still some ways to find it again.
1. Android:
Users can use the Android Device Manager. Is because it is part of Google services, Android Device Manager will be connected to your Google account and can find related devices through it. In the service there are several options for remote PIN reset, or delete data stored.
2. iPhone:
iPhone users can download the Find My iPhone app, but if you’re using iOS 5 and above, this application is installed automatically. If Android Device Manger to work for Google, the Find My iPhone works with iCloud, so it can be accessed through a browser, or other iOS device. Sophisticated, the location of your lost phone will appear on the map. With this application, you can control the phone as phone lock, display emergency messages, delete data stored even if the phone was returned.
3. Non-smartphone:
non-smartphone users who have not installed the GPS application services such as Accu Tracking can not do much other than visiting the service provider and hope they help to track it down.

Trace a mobile phone with permission
a smartphone equipped with friends who can use application sharing different location, so as to let you know where they are.

Facebook and Twitter, the social media also has a check-in feature. This obviously helps to know where you are smartphone.

for users outside of the smartphone is not much choice for her in this choice.

These tips can indeed help to keep track of today’s mobile phones or phones that have been released long ago. Unfortunately, when trying to track down the telephone without the availability of GPS, then you may need to install the GPS chip in the phone before determining the location. Means, you have to find and buy a GPS chip that is compatible with the device.