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Google and Open Source

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Google and Open Source?

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Google, the search python has started venturing into different fields. It has launched many new products that have lasting impact on the peo.... Baca selengkapnya di

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Google, the search python has started venturing into different fields. It has launched many new products that have lasting impact on the people’s mind.

The list of products by Google is very long with the latest additions – Google maps, Knol, and the mobile phones based on open source technology. Android is a stack of software and is Linux- based open source platform. This platform will include everything that is needed like- operating system for mobile phones, user-interface and applications. It is intended to provide the users with full liberty to create hard core mobile applications and also to extend them as the technology advances.

With mobiles based on Android platform, a user will be able to create applications that interest him. It will open path for the creative users to create innovative applications and to have a more pertinent user experience. He can build applications using Web as his guide and can make his mobile as challenging as the latest cutting edge technologies.

Planning an open source platform for mobiles is seen as a vision for the future that has lots of commitment to the creative users, and above all making “INNOVATION” alive that is mute from the times.  All speculations put to an end….no Google phones, but yes a platform…..

Android is basically a third party software (mobile platform) that can be used by any, if interested to create mobile applications. This platform is motivated to provide an access to the information to the users from the location where they are. It will also have a HTMLbrowser to give users the Web experience similar to that of their PC.

Some market experts are taking it as a strategy by GOOGLE to add more revenues to its finances. As Google has its share of revenues from the advertising business, market professionals are considering Android as a new medium for the same. With Web browser so efficient on phones, people will spend more time surfing Web from their phones, thus hiking revenues.

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This is the era of technology advancements and innovations….. so market welcomes the Google’s step. They are taking it as a part of strong strategic plans to turn a vision into reality. They are welcoming the openness, liberty and innovations…. but to have the real thing out; one has to wait a little more.

In crisp, Android is providing everything that is needed to make a better mobile phone of future for you.