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A Look At Guaranteed Sign Ups

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A Look At Guaranteed Sign Ups?

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Did you join an online MLM program? Do you want to succeed fast with the program you have joined? However, is there really a fast way to suc.... Baca selengkapnya di JAWABAN.xyz

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Did you join an online MLM program? Do you want to succeed fast with the program you have joined? However, is there really a fast way to succeed? Well, it is possible, and many top MLM guys are keeping this secrets for many years. The secret is that they use guaranteed signups.

There are many companies providing guaranteed sign ups services and you may be wondering if they are all legitimate companies.

Here are a few things that you must take note if you are considering to buy sign ups from a company:

1) Guaranteed sign ups should be expensive
Does the above statement comes in as a surprise? If a sign up costs you only $0.50 - $0.80, be on your guard. How could it be possible that sign up be so cheap? A simple thought process would answer that:

If the company decides to make $0.40 profit out of every sign up sent to you, that means that their cost of sign up is only $0.10 - $0.40. That is totally illogical right? $0.10 per sign up???

Medical and insurance leads are already at $3 - $5 per lead (and that is NOT even sign up), how can your sign up be at just a few cents? You are a smart person, you know better than that.

A good price point should be at least $1.20 - $1.50 per sign up. Always keep in mind: Quality is #1!

2) Guaranteed sign ups should not be worldwide
If you buy 100 worldwide sign ups, you will get 100 sign ups coming from Bosnia, Vietnam, China, Argentina, Indonesia, etc. Sorry to be insulting, but I am NOT looking down on them but are you sure that you can get them to your business? As a general rule, always demand for sign ups from USA, UK and/or Australia

3) You should see visible testimonials or seal of approval
Ever seen a website that has wonderful website design, promises a lot of things but hey! If they are so good, where’s the feedback? They are either new companies with no track records, or are just… scammers. A good way to know if the company is real is to look for testimonials, any seal of trust, etc.


Based on the above 3 points, you can start looking for a company that will provide sign ups that you want. You should also test their services if you found a potential company. Buy a small package, track and test it out.

Let us assume that you have 50 MLM downline ordered and you get only one sign up who wants to upgrade to paid membership, do you consider that as a good result?

I don’t know about you but I think it is a good result. You see, that is a 2% conversion, which is a market average. Of course, it really depends on a number of factors like your program and how convincing the upline (that’s you) is.

So there you have it. Start looking for a good company!