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6 Money saving iPhone and iPad apps

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6 Money saving iPhone and iPad apps?

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Apple’s iPad and iPhone are incredibly popular, having sold millions in a short space of time. There are thousands of apps to choose from on.... Baca selengkapnya di JAWABAN.xyz

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Apple’s iPad and iPhone are incredibly popular, having sold millions in a short space of time. There are thousands of apps to choose from on the app store – from games such as Angry Birds to apps by retailers like Tesco. If you own an iPad or iPhone, why not use it to help save money? Here, we will look at 6 money saving apps you should download.

1. Meter Readings
Let’s face it, monitoring your energy use is a time-consuming chore that most of us put off. Meter Readings is an iPad and iPhone app which aims to change that. Simply enter all the info you have from paper bills, then enter meter readings to find out exactly how much energy you’ve used and what the bill will be. We love how you can even compare energy supplier prices from within the app to make sure you’re getting a great deal. At just £1.69, this is a steal.

2. VoucherCloud
VoucherCloud is an addictive iPad and iPhone app which aims to find you great deals wherever you are. It uses the GPS to identify which restaurants and shops near you have the best deals and sends the vouchers instantly. We think you’ll love its ease of use and the wide range of deals to choose from. From Pizza Express to Dorothy Perkins, there is something for everyone.

3. PocketMoney
PocketMoney is a powerful financial management iPhone and iPad app to help manage your money. You can arrange your outgoings according to category, see all your savings and accounts on a single screen and set up notifications to warn you if you’re close to being overbudget. You’ll love the app’s many features and it’s a doddle to use.

4. RedLaser
RedLaser is a cool iPhone and iPad app which turns your device into a mobile barcode scanner, letting you find the best deals wherever you are. Scan any product and the app will find you where you get it cheapest online. We love the great deals it finds and the app is incredibly addictive, making it fun to use.

5. HomeBudget with Sync
HomeBudget is an iPhone/iPad app which tracks expenses to make budgeting easier. Enter your incomings and outgoings, and you can see how well your finances are doing, in addition to a 6-month outlook. You can track multiple accounts and itemise expenditure. You’ll love being able to sync the app to other devices in your house, so your partner can see your figures as they are updated.

6. Fuel School
Fuel School is an iPhone/iPad app which every motorist needs to download. The app claims to save motorists up to 10% on their fuel bills by helping them to drive more efficiently. It uses the GPS in your device to identify your driving style and calculate your fuel efficiency. Tips are provided on how to get the most miles from every tank. The AA recently said that driving at 70mph uses 9% more fuel than at 60mph, and up to 15% more than at 50mph. We think you will love how simple the app is to navigate and the tips are incredibly useful.