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Addon Domain - A Very Basic Guide

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Addon Domain - A Very Basic Guide?

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Addon Domain - A Very Basic Guide on Expanding Your E-mpire Ever got the itch to start up a new website, online project, or blog that you fe.... Baca selengkapnya di

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Addon Domain - A Very Basic Guide on Expanding Your E-mpire

Ever got the itch to start up a new website, online project, or blog that you felt was worth a whole new domain name… but you weren’t certain how to set that up with your web hosting company? Do the terms Addon Domain, Parked Domain and Sub Domain leave you scratching your head?

I know the feeling, trust me. I spent enough time stumbling through my web host’s site in attempt to find how I could give each of my sub-sites their own domains… and the instructions I got were meager and not very clear. So after a bit of trial and error, I finally discovered how the wonderful world of addon domains work!

Registering Your Domain I’ve owned my own domains for many years now, registered through the services of Name Secure.  I chose not to register or transfer my domains through my web host provider simply because in the early days, I would sometimes have to pick up and move my site from host to host — some of which didn’t, during that time, provide domain services.

I’m happy now that I chose to do this as it allows me to keep track of the multiple domains that I own all in one place. Prices are reasonable and they keep me informed of when my domains are up to expire so I can make sure no one else nabs them. Plus, they have an awesome domain redirect service that I’ve been using with my website for years.

Basically, if I needed to switch webhosting for any reason, all I would have to do is change the URL that my domain redirected to. No worries on transferring, etc. etc. My domains were always in my own care for as long as I chose to keep them. So if you’re considering registering an addon domain, but you’re not sure how to do it, this might be an option to consider. I’m sure there are other service providers, but I can’t vouch for any but Name Secure. I’ve been very pleased with them overall.

Before You Buy Your Domain  The first thing to do, however, before you rush out to buy a new domain, is check with your web host provider to be sure they allow you to haveaddon domains. Note, addon domains are not the same as parked domains or sub domains.

My web host, allows basic accounts to use up to ten addon domains.  And for a long time, I was aware of this fact but didn’t know how to actually utilize this.

Once you know that you are allowed addon domains, you may also want to check if your host requires you to register those domains directly through them, or if you can register through an outside service like RumahWeb. Many of domain and web host provider didn’t seem to care, just as long as you were the owner of the domain.

Each host probably has a different way of dealing with addon domains. But I’m going to detail what I learned from my experience with the domain and webhost provider. How I Added My Addon Domains

I registered the new domain at RumahWeb. You can register yours however you like, just make sure the service allows you to  modify your Nameservers (DNS). I know for certain RumahWeb does… so if you want to play it safe, that might be a place to go.

When my order was complete and I was able to modify my new domain, I researched my web host provider’s site to find their Nameserver DNS. This will usually be somewhere in a FAQ. Or you can contact your host to find out what it is.

When I learned what the Nameserver DNS was, I went back to my domain information Name Secure and pointed my new domain towards my web host profider’s name severs at UnlimitedID. I’m assuming this is something like sending a signal out to UnlimitedID that it’s okay to use this domain.

Now that everything is set up to go on the domain side, I had to let UnlimitedID know that I had a new domain I’d like to use as an addon domain. Again, each web host provider may do this differently, so you might want to check the process before you rush out in a flurry of domain purchases.

I logged into my Control Panel and went to the option called Addon Pages.
On the Addon Domain control area, I could tell my web host provider the name of my new domain, the subdirectory that this domain would control and a password for this domain. Note: the subdomain folder did not have to have the same name as the domain name.

I clicked Add Domain and let the host do its thing. It takes a little time for the DNS servers to figure out your new domain, so if you don’t see it working immediately, don’t fret. It may flip back and forth between the old and the new for a little while. They say it takes a couple of days to get all the kinks out of the system.

Wordpress Blogs and Addon Domains This was something else I had to learn the hard way. When I applied new addon domains to normal websites, they resolved just fine. But when I tried to do that with my wordpress blog, I found that I had to make certain to do one more thing.

Be certain that you’ve told your Wordpress blog what your new domain name is!   You do this by going to the Options –} General tab. There you need to specify your new domain as WordPress address (URL) and Blog address (URL).

You may need to give Wordpress a bit of time to figure out what’s going on after you do this. When I did it, my blog freaked out on me for a bit before it realized how to resolve the new domain. For a while, I thought I had lost it completely, but given a little time, my blog popped back up, ready to roll on the new domain.

I also want to note that for blogs it’s a good idea to get your domain ready to go before you start publicizing your blog. Once you shift to your new domain, all of your posts will have a new URL… so all the stumbling and social bookmarking you’ve made won’t count anymore and you’ll have to start over post by post.

Domains are relatively cheap now days… so it’s a great time to pick one up for your site, project or blog! Good luck!