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Deal with a computer issue

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Deal with a computer issue?

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Typically, when we experience a computer issue, we usually deal with it from a re-active position. What we mean by that is that we have to .... Baca selengkapnya di

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Typically, when we experience a computer issue, we usually deal with it from a re-active position. What we mean by that is that we have to stop whatever we were doing, and fix it right now – either because it has frozen, or we are getting an error message or some other behavior that demands attention IMMEDIATELY before we can go on to anything else. What may have once been a small problem has now become a much bigger one, resulting in extended down-time and lost productivity. So we are dealing with problems as they arise (re-acting) rather than preempting them (pro-acting).

We’ve all heard that old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. In a literal sense, it simply means that it is much easier and cheaper to deal with problems before they occur, or better still, prevent them altogether. Take our cars for example. Common sense tells us that we need to maintain them if we want them to perform as we expect them to. We change the oil in the engine, check the pressure in the tires, give them tune-ups, and monitor the dashboard gauges, because not doing so leads to bigger problems. This is called preventive maintenance. Maintenance done with the idea of preventing a larger problem.

Your computer is no different. Computer is not an appliance like a toaster where you just plug it in and use it. No. Your computer is just like your car. It needs regular maintenance. And, just like your car it will definitely benefit from a program of preventive maintenance.

In this computer age we live in, if our car begins to exhibit strange behavior, we typically have to take it to someone who has the proper equipment necessary to fix it. Once at the shop, the technician, who, by the way not only knows more about cars than we do, but typically has years of training and experience, diagnoses the problem by reading the report from the cars “onboard” computer. The problem is that computers don’t have this reporting capability. At least they didn’t, until now. We have developed a comprehensive preventive maintenance program for computers.

Once on our preventive maintenance program, we can professionally maintain your computer for you, on a continual basis (via the internet, anywhere in the world) using specialized software programs with automatic alerting and monitoring capability.

From behind the scenes we can “change the oil in the engine”, “check the pressure in the tires”, perform “tune-ups”, and “monitor the dashboard gauges”. We can do all of the things necessary to help keep you and your computer “on the road” WE are the “computer within the computer”. Being proactive, rather than re-active is a much better idea.