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Understanding Learning

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Understanding Learning?

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Learning is an activity undertaken by teachers programmatically in instructional design that creates a process of interaction between fellow.... Baca selengkapnya di JAWABAN.xyz

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Learning is an activity undertaken by teachers programmatically in instructional design that creates a process of interaction between fellow learners, teachers with learners and with learning resources. Learning aims to create continuous change in student behavior and thinking in a learning environment.

A learning process can not be separated from teaching and learning activities. Learning according to Nana Sudjana (2001: 28) is a process marked by a change in a person. Learning according to Morgan in Agus Suprijono (2009: 3) is a permanent change in behavior as a result of experience. One sign that a person has learned something is a change of behavior within himself.

These behavioral changes concern both the cognitive, the psychomotor and the effective. Learning includes not only subjects, but also mastery, habits, perceptions, pleasures, competencies, social adjustments, different skills, and ideas.

Teaching can be defined as a process of organizing or organizing a number of potential sources properly and correctly, resulting in a child learning process (Sudarwan Danim, 2008: 34). Teaching according to Nana Sudjana (2001: 29) is a process, namely the process of organizing, organizing the environment around students so that it can grow and encourage students to do the learning process.

Learning is essentially a process of interaction between students and their environment, so there is a change of behavior to the better. During the learning process, the main task of the teacher is to condition the learning environment in order to support behavior change for students (E.Mulyasa, 2003). Learning is a two-way communication process, teaching is done by the teacher as an educator, while learning is done by students or students. Based on learning theory there are five meanings of learning such as follows:

  • Learning is an effort to convey knowledge to students in school
  • Learning is passing the culture to the younger generation through school institutions
  • Learning is an effort to organize the environment to create learning conditions for students
  • Learning is an attempt to prepare students to become good citizens
  • Learning is a process of helping students deal with people's daily lives

(Oemar Hamalik, 1995).

According to Gagne as has been stated by Nazarudin (2007: 162) learning can be interpreted as a set of events external events designed to support the internal learning process. According to Nazarudin (2007: 163), learning is an event or situation deliberately designed in order to help and simplify the learning process in the hope of building student creativity.

According to various opinions above can be concluded that learning is a change of events or situations designed in such a way with the aim of providing assistance or ease in the process of teaching and learning so as to achieve learning objectives.

Source: UNY.ac.id