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Collection Tips How Improve Local SEO With Social Media

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Collection Tips How Improve Local SEO With Social Media?

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Optimization comes in various forms. You can boost the chances of appearing in the top SERP for location-based queries. One effective yet of.... Baca selengkapnya di

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Optimization comes in various forms.

You can boost the chances of appearing in the top SERP for location-based queries.
One effective yet often overlooked type is local SEO. This is the process of increasing your website’s visibility to the users from your geographic target. Simply put, it involves particular strategies to optimize your site. But do you know that you can add your efforts with blogging, photo sharing, and networking?
Yes, with billions of individuals joining online communities and spending several minutes on their network profiles these days, you can boost the chances of appearing in the top SERP for location-based queries.
Over the past year, there is a growing relationship between these aspects, especially with Google pushing the integration of social and search results.

As you can see, content from blogs and networking pages are appearing more prominently in queries nowadays. So, if you have accounts on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+, you have a better chance of getting the number 1 rank.
With that key idea in mind, here are more methods to increase the likely of appearing in local searches.
The ultimate objective of SEO is to boost your website’s position in SERPs.  Increase Search engine rankings You can achieve this by dominating the first page using your profile or fan page on leading communities. The more accounts you have, the wider your exposure on the Web will be. So, whenever the users look your name up, it will be easy for them to spot you.
#2.  Present a Steady Image
Make sure you have the same username or display name for each account. Brand consistency is your best ally against an industry dominated by millions of business profiles and pages. Through it, you can stand out because of a constant and recognizable image. The same idea applies for your profile picture too.
#3. Use Locally Targeted Keywords
First, you have to find the ideal keywords for your business. Google Ad-words can help you with this.Second, combine keywords with your target local settings and geographical locations like towns, cities, or streets.
Third, use these terms and phrases on your profile page, Infopage, Twitter description, YouTube channel and other social media accounts.
#4. Update  Regularly
Do you know what happens when your Twitter or Facebook account is inactive for a few days? Your followers or fans will forget you. So if you want to boost your online visibility, do not forget to create a post at least once a day, tweet, re-tweet some of your followers’ updates, embed videos, or publish a blog article, etc.Remember that the more you have your presence known, the more popular you will become.
#5. Build Your List of Online Contacts
You cannot hope to go viral if your friends or followers are limited. After all the main purpose of using social media is to build a network and create a reputable name. Therefore, try as much as you can to widen your community.Related:Add Feed burner to Build Your List.
#6. Set up Your Own Blog Site
Do not just limit yourself to sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, etc. Take time to develop and design a blogging platform, which tackles topics or issues related to your niche. As you keep on creating content, do not forget to incorporate keywords to help your posts rank in search results. And, yes, add your YouTube videos or Pinterest photos too.
#7. Upload Regularly on YouTube
Viral videos can boost your image. So if you do not have an account yet, make one. Or, you can just post your creations on a channel, which already has plenty of viewers and high-ranking videos.Apart from signing up and then, uploading your works, you have to create video transcripts. Moreover, you must come up with a description and tags using relevant keywords. Doing these things helps with easy indexing and crawling.
#8. Guest Blogging / Guest Posting
Simply, this means creating posts for other bloggers. But before you do, you have to pick sites with the same niche or theme as yours. To help you come across ideal blogs, you can look into these aspects. It must have a significant readership base, preferably those individuals who are interested in what you have to share or the users from your own community.It must focus on issues that relate to your business or on topics that you are also tackling.
#9. Upload Photos or Updates About Local Issues and Events
Tell your audience what you have been up to lately by posting pictures of your latest events. This will market your brand in a subtle yet interesting way. Of course, do not forget to add geo-tags (tagging locations the way you would tag other people in your updates). By doing so, your posts will appear in search results whenever some individuals use your tagged address and target keyword.
#10. Place Social Media Widgets on Your WebsiteThis will give your viewers a chance to “share” your content without hassle. Some buttons will also lead the users to your pages within seconds.
Final Words
The main idea of all these tips is to help you rank in local queries and gradually boost your online visibility. Therefore, make the most of the top social media channels by applying these strategies.

Article by : Emma Tomlinson. is the Head of Retail at Smart Traffic, a leading search agency of marketing consultants in Bristol providing technical SEO resources to its clients.